The Day I Told Myself My Ex-Boyfriend’s New Woman was Better than Me: My Journey to Attaining Real Self-Confidence

As I confidently guide my clients toward feeling confident and directed themselves, I periodically think about what builds real self-confidence.  In my research and exploration, I often look to myself and to my own experience first to find the answers … Continued

How I Literally Gave Birth to My Vision. (And How You Can Too.)

A little over ten months ago I gave birth to my fourth child.  Childbirth, in my experience is both incredible, and incredibly intense.  As one of the nurses I once went to commented: “It’s called labor for a reason!” In … Continued

Get on Solid Ground: 2 Tools to Help You Overcome Your Self-Doubt So that You Can Start Moving Forward

I used to doubt myself all the time.  (Yes, me.  I am my own first client which is why I am so passionate about this work!) It seemed like an endless battle with me and myself; constantly questioning myself and … Continued

How to Successfully Implement a New Change Into Your Everyday Life: The 30 Day Challenge

In my last article, I wrote about how to break unwanted habits.  Any time we think about change, the idea of committing to a new way of approaching our day to day life can be daunting.   Habits are hard … Continued

What if these were our last days, weeks, months, years…here on Earth?

As the new (Jewish) year approaches, I am having thoughts about the upcoming year and, just as I do every year around this time, I feel just a bit daunted about what the Creator of the World has in store … Continued

How to Make Better Life Choices with Ease, Clarity, and Confidence

I haven’t written in a while and, so, when I was thinking about what to write about, the most logical place for me to start was to just be honest and reconnect with you and let you know what I … Continued

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