Monday Motivation: Don’t Worry About Your Competition

  When I think of competition, a vision of a person in a race comes to mind. The cyclist who yearns to win must stay focused and look ahead. If s/he takes a moment to look behind, s/he will likely … Continued

Why Be Yourself?

  The best thing you can do for yourself – your life, your career and your relationships – is to be yourself. That is your guaranteed path to your unique success in everything that you do.   Everything you require … Continued

Monday Motivation: Be Someone You and Other People Can Trust

  All healthy personal and professional relationships are built on the foundation of trust between all those involved. Trusting yourself is also important, especially if you want to feel confident in yourself with regards to following through on those things … Continued

Monday Motivation: Don’t Let What You Do Not (Yet) Know Hold You Back

  What is holding you back from launching your new business idea? What is keeping you from getting out there and getting that new job? What is preventing you from pursuing new relationships in your life? What is getting in … Continued

The Unleashing of ‘Unleashing You’

    I’ve unleashed a new business name. If you have been following me for the last few years, you are well aware that my business used to be called ‘Build Better Relationships.’ Being someone who understands the world around … Continued

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